Juggler and acrobat, Félix seeks in the circus arts a means of expression to translate this world in which he evolves. Inspired by Montreal’s vibrant metropolis, he forged his artistic and adult soul from jazz and hip-hop flavours, creating his own life soundtrack.

Born in Quebec, Félix grew up in a region where the sea and the mountains together shape a landscape larger than oneself. He learned to listen to the sea, to love the snow and to open his eyes wide enough to encompass the entire horizon. And then one day, he discovered circus. He then began, without knowing it, a process that would lead him to leave these vast spaces of freedom to join the National Circus School of Montreal where he would complete his training as a professional artist.

Juggling, acrobatic research, Chinese pole, music, dance, acting, Felix explores all avenues to find a voice of his own. Curious by nature, challenged by travel and open to others, he is closely interested in all these art forms that he tries to integrate, conjugate and make his own in a hymn to plurality, difference and uniqueness.

With a strong sense of humour, dry humour, Félix juggles, casually posing a critical and benevolent look at the world.


Cirque du Soleil at Sea Syma and Varélia

Onboard MSC Bellissima,

September 2019 to March 2020


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